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Please complete this questionnaire to enable us better understand your objectives. It provides a good basis to discuss your goals and allows us to make appropriate recommendations and accurate quotes..
1. What is the purpose of developing (or redesigning) your website?
Select all that apply.

To generate interest in our products/service

To enhance our credibility by establishing an Internet presence

To experiment and test market demand plus identify prospects

To provide product/service information more cost effectively.

To improve customer service

To keep existing customers informed

To provide prices and quotes to customers and/or vendors

To communicate with other organizations and share information

To attract visitors and sell advertising

To sell products/service directly (e-commerce)

To facilitate company communication

2. Briefly describe your company or organization

3. Who would you consider to be your target audience for this Web site? Is your customer base located within your city, country, a specific continent, global etc

4. Do you have a slogan or catch phrase? If yes enter it here.

5. Who are your competitors? List some of your competitors web addresses (URL's)

6. Which other websites have you liked and wish to emulate in terms of color, layout, presentation, functionality etc? List some web addresses and describe what you've liked about each example given. (Not necessarily competitors)

7. Which of our portfolio sites is most appealing?

8. What type of image do you want to communicate?
Select all that apply.

Conservative  Friendly  Bright  International

Soft  Warm  Exciting  Pastel  Cool

Corporate  Child  Intellectual  Useful  Funny

Hi-tech  Eye Catching  Family  Academic


9. What benefit(s) do you feel gives your company an edge
over your competitors?

10. Do you have the photos and text to be utilized for the website?
 Yes   No 

11. Do you have brochures or other information that would help us develop your site's content?
 Yes   No 

12. What components would you like?
Select all that apply.

Enquiry Form  Flash  Guestbook  Referral Form

Newsletter  Discussion Forum  FAQ  Newsletter

Video clips  Shopping Cart  Survey/Poll  Audio

Database Function  Banner Ads  Chat  Site Statistics

Password Login  Admin panel  Downloads  Online Payments


13. Do you need a logo developed?
 Yes   No 

14. Do you need help with content creation? (Writing or rewriting for the website)
 Yes   No 

15. How important is it to get a high ranking on Yahoo, Google, Alta or other big search engines?
 Not very important   Somewhat important   Extremely important   Not sure 

16. If you currently have a website, how aggressively have you promoted your site to search engines
 Not at all   Somewhat   Very aggressively   Not sure 

17. Please list 5 keywords that you think your potential visitors will type into a search engine like Yahoo to find your site:





18. Define the criteria you will use to determine the website's success e.g. increase in email enquiries, increase in general company sales, decrease in customer service costs, website traffic etc

19. Might you want us to monitor site traffic, and make changes to the keywords periodically to increase the number of visitors?
 Yes   No 

20. By what date would you like to launch your site?

21. How often do you expect to be making changes to your website?

22. Will you need someone to be updating your site?
 Yes   No 

23. How would you rate your web development understanding?

24. What level of input do you want to give?

25. Have you registered your domain name?
 Yes   No 

26. What is your domain name (or what would you like it to be)?

27. Do you already have a web hosting package?
 Yes   No 

28. Do you have any specific budget goals or constraints you would like to mention?

29. Company and contact information:
Contact Person 


Company Name 

Phone Mobile    Phone Landline 


Physical Address 

City, Street 

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